Juuki-de-GO was created thanks to Kotobuki Construction Co., Ltd., a construction company in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, which is mainly engaged in civil engineering works.

The development of the Juuki-de-GO began with a fact that there were not enough operators to operate heavy machineries, and the desire to make inexperienced people be able to operate heavy machineries and become interested in those operations.

Not only inexperienced people use the Juuki-de-GO but also operators who work in constructions can practice “accident avoidance training” in this application. The Juuki-de-GO is not a game, it is a simulator that simulates the operation of heavy machineries in actual environment.

Juuki-de-GO is recommended for:

– Operators who work in construction sites
– Heavy machinery operators
– Entertaining during breaks
– Practice before the actual practical test
– Training of foreign technical intern trainees
– People who are interested in heavy equipment want to have a try in driving those machineries

Juuki-de-GO is

Juuki-de-GO is full-scale heavy equipment simulator that allows you to experience the feeling of operating real heavy equipments.

It was created by a construction company which is using heavy machinery in reality.
Users can change the excavator’s operation pattern between JIS pattern and Komatsu pattern. Excavator’s rotating speed, or arm closing/opening speed can also be set.

Juuki-de-GO has a smartphone (iOS / Android) version that you can handy enjoy and a powerful VR version.

Mobile version

You can easily enjoy it by installing it on your smartphone. There are iOS version and Android version, so please choose according to your device.

VR version

You can experience a realistic feeling by using VR goggles.

Only Oculus Go is supported.

Basic operation training (7 levels)

In these levels, users can learn the basic operation of the excavator. User have to complete a given mission accurately and in a short amount of time.

– Excavator car basic operation
+ Load the soil into a dump truck and carry the rocks to their destination
+ Smooth the cut from below
+ Smooth the cut from above
+ Move the drum between the poles to the goal
– Grapple operation training
+ Loading logs onto a truck
+ Loading iron pipes onto trucks
+ Load big trees onto a truck

Accident avoidance training (9 levels)

You can train to avoid accidents that may happen in real life.
Users can get out of the driver’s seat of the excavator and talk to the workers around you or ask for a guide to avoid an accident.

– Electric wire contact accident due to excavator’s arm contacts with electric wire
– Personal injury caused by working in poor visibility
– Excavator rollover accident due to wrong turning direction
– Personal injury due to safety confirmation error
– Excavator rollover accident due to safety confirmation error
– Personal injury due to safety confirmation error 1
– Personal injury due to safety confirmation error 2
– Personal injury due to safety confirmation error 3
– Personal injury due to safety confirmation error 4
– Personal injury due to safety confirmation error 5